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A game invented in the South for hicks and rebels alike. The game is played like so: 4-5 hicks will stand up in a circular formation with a 3-5 foot diatmeter between them with their junk hanging out on a hot, sweaty, swampy night. They then hold their peni readily and wait for gnats to land upon their dingys. When a nat has landed, the landee will stroke their penis as quickly as possible to grab the gnat, starting at the base of the shaft. This grab is one point. The one with the most points after a set period of time is the victory. All losers must purchase one case of the following:

Pap's Blue Ribbon, Natural Ice, Olde English, or Steel Reserve shitty beer.
Me and Perry played gnat grabbing out back of Uncle Willie's Brokeback Bar. Perry's buyin' tonight, Chuck!
by shutupbitch August 27, 2006
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