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Wow, Congratulations Glynn Academy Class of 2011, you have truly accomplished nothing. You have graduated from a watered down pathetic excuse for a high school that a few years back almost was almost unable to give accreditation. Now besides select few, most of the graduates will do nothing with your life besides go to a small easy to get into college such as College of Coastal Georgia. Yes, I know college is expensive and hard to pay for, but there is something called student loans and scholarships! Imagine that! But no, way too complicated for a 2011 Glynn Academy Student. As the author of the "Brunswick" definition I wish the few successful people luck and I hope you never return. Move on! As nice as Sea Island is, we are still in South FUCKING Georgia. Too all the partygoers who think they are better than everyone else because their daddy has a nice boat and they whip a $30,000 will still be stupid, and your glory days are over. Even though you may think all the crazy parties are in Glynn County, you are sadly mistaken. Hope your glory days were nice.
Get Naked Glynn Academy 2011' cause we are too stupid to do anything else!
by long4years June 12, 2011
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