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A child conceived in the dying stages of a relationship in the belief that it will hold the relationship together.
"Sarah's pregnant!"

"Yes, it's a glue baby, he was planning to leave her".
by margamatix November 19, 2010
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When two adults with kids get together bundling half and step brothers & sisters together with not a lot on common, so they have a baby to glue the family together. A glue baby.
#: What do you mean your brother and sister have the same mum and dad as you?
#: ahhh, one comes from each, I'm just the glue baby, I hold it all together.
by missfrancis February 24, 2015
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During intense sexual intercourse, Elmer's school glue is squeezed into contact with the penis/vagina. This eventually slows the rapid thrusting and thus calms the mood.
I fucked this one girl, but with the rapid movement, my dick started to burn. I had to pull off a glue baby.
by MiJaWi March 07, 2011
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