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A quaint little blink town in Northern Vermont. Founded by a General that crossed the Delaware with George Washington, but no one cares about him. There's this cool little store that literally charges you double on everything, but they have a pretty collection of dead animals. There's this pizza place ran by a bunch of hippies, I recommend eating there, especially on taco night. Weed grows wild in Glover VT, but don't steal any, they'll know. Most of the ambulance squad has an avg. IQ of 38, and 30% of the population is about 90 years old. There's a lake, a couple actually, and if I am correct there was a third until about 200 years ago, when a couple of White people literally dug a tunnel so far into the side of it that it drained and washed the whole town away. Everyone rebuilt everything and it's been just as gay ever since.
"Have you ever been to Glover VT?" "What's a Glover?"
by Mooseyface December 13, 2014
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