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n. A West Country Lesbian.

Seen frolicking often around their favourite Wetherspoons/Yates/other Dives around Gloucestershire, the Glosbian mercilessly hunts other hapless lady-luvvies to absorb into her gut underneath her heavy, sagging tits - where they will die of suffocation and the cider-flavoured venom they secrete.

The discharge of a Glosbian can be used to make Double Gloucester cheese when the moon is full, but only if there are two of them.

Leave VKs, K2s and other bottled chav-poison in strategic locations to make this possible by incapacitating them.

Latest Safaris have indicated that Glosbian herds may in fact go east to visit Cheltenham in the Winter months to drink there, as apparently merely drinking somewhere nicer makes one posher by default, but this has yet to be proven conclusively.

NB. Glosbians burst into flames upon contact with Real Cock. It is the >only< way to defeat them.
Oh moy life! I'm not being funny, rite, but that girl over there is blatantly gunna get on 'er mate, like.

Oh no! It's one of them.............Glosbians! Run!
by Bananarama Brian December 07, 2010
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