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Growth or foreign object that may appear around the genital area.

Glorit is an std that is easily transmitted, it can be passed on even after only one visit to Ramsy Street.
People who have had repeated exposure to Glorit often have increased symptoms of the disease and in advanced cases it can affect neurological behaviour, like strange social activity
Eva - I'm drunk, is that guy hot?
Sasha - Nah mate, don't go there, he's got the Glorit
Eva - Can I take a pill to get rid of that shit, I'm keen as ay.
Sasha - Nah it's for life sis

Sarah - Eew, I heard that Logan's got the Glorit
Eva - Yeah I know, I gave it to him..
Eva - It's all good tho, we're cousins. My whole families rockin it.
by qwertyglorit February 05, 2010
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