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Super-hot 1970s feminist and journalist. Unlike some crazy radicals like Andrea Dworkin (barf) she believed in the equality of women and men and not the supremacy of any race. Also huge antiracist who fought for civil rights in addition to women's rights; an important person for people to know; co-founder of New York Magazine, Ms. Magazine (1972), the National Women's Political Caucus (1971), the Women's Action Alliance (1972), the National Coalation of Labor Union Women, and, like, a million other things; lobbied for legislation to ensure equality of the races and sexes and helped hammer out the Democratic platforms of several elections as a member of the Democratic National Committee; as a journalist she wrote about her experiences as an undercover Playboy Bunny and outed the true working conditions of the bunnies.
Gloria Steinem is a good type of feminist.
Gloria Steinem is a much better rolemodel than Paris Hilton for young girls.
Gloria Steinem was one sexy feminist back in the day.
Gloria Steinem is still one sexy feminist for 75 years old.
by JK23320 May 30, 2009
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