A cafe chain ala starbucks. Invented in America but failed, bought by Australian's that use it as a business front / cash cow for the Money Worship weird religious cult Hillsong. They server reasonably priced watery coffee and inedible over priced snacks.
Let's go to Gloria Jean's...
No I don't want to give my money to Hillsong, let's go to a decent coffee shop instead
by Smithlerman August 30, 2011
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A coffee shop franchise with branches all around the world. Rivalled by Starbucks. They sell a variety of coffees and an array of snacks within their branches. Their stores always smell rich with coffee, and the decor is warm, contrary to the slick, almost scentless Starbucks. Personally, i reccommend their lattes.
My friend Lauren and i plan on going to Gloria Jean's this afternoon. I usually have a latte or a iced mocha mint bomb, while she favors a wild berry chiller.
by barely.conscious September 28, 2006
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The place to hang out and shit but we just go to drink some hot chocolate and get a bite to eat and then go out and get piised and the place to work out what we are guna do in the night.
Tommo:Oi josh lets go to gloria jeans
Josh: yeah ay i fell like a hot chocolate and we will work out where to get pissed
by Darren Thomson April 27, 2005
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