A hoax created by Al Gore to make people believe they were killing the earth. While his goal to make us think about our impact on the environment is noble, he needs to stop being a media whore and looking for attention after he lost the election. Back to the facts. GLOBAL WARMING IS NOT REAL. Actual scientists have proven that the earth and it's ozone are not affected by us as much as we think. People assumed it was real because of the fact that the ice caps are slowly melting, but most people don't realize they have been melting ever since the last ice age. Another fun fact, places closer to the equator having been getting colder. In fact, the midwest set multiple records for snowfall. Even southern nevada and south carolina got snow. If you still don't believe me, then go hug a tree you vegan pussy.
Al Gore: As we can see by this graph, if things continue the way they are, the earth will be destroyed by global warming...and manbearpig... I'm super cereal.

Everyone with a brain: no, its not Mr. Gore, you're just in denial over the election results.
by Gsyk1370 June 12, 2011
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a fake cause drummed up by socialist leaders and activists in order to push an agenda on the rest of humanity...
Their agenda includes putting caps on CO2 production for first world countries like Canada, England, and the US, while allowing China, India and Russia to emit as much of the 'evil' co2 gas as they feel like.
It also looks like a push by the nuclear energy industry to build more 'non-polluting' nuclear energy plants, even though nuclear energy is not clean, not safe, and hugely expensive, and produces horribly toxic material that can be used by terrorists to build weapons, and also will last for millions of years.
All opposer's to global warming are made to look like heretics. It is sad that most people will fall right in line with an obvious attempt to control a mass population with propaganda like "an inconvenient truth" even though more and more evidence is pointing to our present day warming as a natural effect of increased solar output. Proof of this is the fact that mars has exhibited the same level of warming and polar melting as earth has, even though there is no direct link between our planet and Mars except for solar radiation hitting each planet.
People need to wake up and realize that Global Warming is the greatest hoax ever pulled on the citizens of this planet.
by televox212 June 05, 2007
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The increasing of the Earth's tempurature caused by massive hot headedness from "scientists", polititions, and the media. If habits are not changed, humanity may be in grave danger of stupidity from the melting brains of people who perpetuate this stuff.
Guy 1, "The world is going to end because cows wont stop farting!!"
Guy 2, "Dude relax youre just experiencing some global warming syndrom"
by rit164 May 25, 2011
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when claimed to be man made it's a political fabrication by those lusting for inordinate control

see also: fascist strategems
As the sun's myriad of natural cycles approach intersection solar output increases radically thereby heating planets proportionally. Unfortunately solar warming is mislabeled global warming by those who irrationally insist it is man made all the while ignoring the ONE source of heat in the proximate cosmos. These people are oft refered to as the cult of manmadeglobalwarning. Well before the dawn of man there were numerous ice ages and global warmings.
by Honor Sursault June 18, 2013
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Something that is not real and people use it as an excuse to help lower gas prices! It is not real.
Hey man gas is going down besause of " global warming "
by taylor peele July 10, 2008
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Something that causes some places to get hotter on average. Some exceptions include: Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio.
Global Warming example sentence? Nah, too scary
by oeiwghowir June 13, 2016
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1) {Barack Obama}'s excuse for everything

2)A serious but also {ironic} and idiotic problem

3)When the Earth's temperature rises
1)Reporter: Mr President? Why are employment rates so low?

Obama: Global Warming.

2)Person 1: Global Warming will melt our polar ice caps!

Person 2: Did you hear? A meeting about Global Warming was canceled because of a blizzard!*

3)Global Warming has raised the global temperature by 2 degrees!

*this actually happened
by SomeFancyCashews May 20, 2015
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