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An ugly green monster wearing a tattered red shirt who hides in your videogames. He can get in your disks, cartridges, games systems, and (if you break any of them) possibly your house. The gremlin is afraid to be outside of the video game world so chances of him glitching your home are very slim. If the gremlin gets in your game before you start playing it he will send a storm of glitches to fuck you up. There is no cure for the glitch gremlin, so you better be lucky.
*Guy starts super mario brothers*
Guy: Fuck! All the text is fucked up!
Glitch gremlin: ZrrtttZrttghttt
Guy: Now it's making wierd sound- oop. It froze. I hate the glitch gremlin!
by AnalPenetrationByForce October 27, 2011
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