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A ghetto town in Montgomery County Maryland. Filled with parties, gang fights, weed. Area with one of the highest crime rates in the county. It's main hoods are Glenmont Forest, Glenmont Village, Winexburg Manor, and Connecticut Avenue Estates. Not a part of wheaton! No matter what the maps say!
Man: Ayy did you hear bout the party yesterday somewhere in Glenmont?
Man 2: Yeahh I did but i was to afraid to go down there. I might get shot or something.
Man: True. Damn that place ghetto.
by achin0001 January 31, 2010
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A peice of the projects that fell in montgomery county. Drug deals, guns, crip territory, fights,tons of all night parties, crack and potheads.pretty much the best place to get into some trouble in moco. Gmont has one of the highest crime rates in maryland. Everybody is outside chillin on a daily basis. And even though the area has two police stations, still a crapload of crazy stuff goes down here. A majority black area,...unlike the majority hispanic Wheaton. Most people only been to the shopping center or metro station..but if you go deep in the hood things get insane. Pretty much comparable to harlem and southeast. Also people from this area have they own way of an accent or dialect.
Ni'tricka- young im finna go meet up with charles down by the two level micky ds.
Treyisha- Charles?? who that is?
Ni'tricka- U know...he be the drug dealer at the corner of Glenallen and Randolph. Janika's baby dad.
Treyisha- Damn glenmont sum ghetto crud.
by edriahna April 26, 2010
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