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The sense of euphoria one feels when having an overdose of the show Glee and all things Glee related.
"I think I just a gleegasm from listening to all that music from Glee!"
"You would."


"The Glee soundtrack just came out! I'm about to have a Gleegasm!"
by Glee Lover November 04, 2009
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"Glee orgasm", the ecstasy felt as a result of a phenomenal moment during or pertaining to the Fox Sitcom, Glee.
OMG!!! FOX just is airing the Fall Preview... I'm totally having a Glee-gasm
by Rani Koonz September 07, 2010
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hearing the voices of the amazing Glee guys (mostly Mark and Sam and Corey) and getting an orgasm that is so powerful ur pants melt.

*hears Mark Salling sing Sweet Caroline* shit! i just had a gleegasm
by Sweet Caroline!!!!! November 11, 2010
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Someone who in a moment of being overly-chipper, has an emotionally devastating moment of absolute serenity and happiness.
<Friend> I just got a Wii!
<Friend2> I'm about to gleegasm.
by Blahful154 March 29, 2009
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