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The pairing of Cato and Glimmer from Suzanne Collin's book series 'The Hunger Games.'
Both people were tributes for the 74th anual Hunger Games. Glimmer is from District 1 while Cato is from District 2.
Glato was never present in the books, but in Gary Ross's movie adaption, Glimmer was seen sleeping on Cato's arm during the tracker jacker nest scene. In addition, they were both laughing together after the death of District 8's female.
Many people despise the pairing in favor for Clato, the shipping of Cato and his district partner, Clove. Despite getting amounts of hate on the tumblr world, Glato is still a decently shipped couple. It had received well over 100 dedicated fanfictions.
Ella and Kailey discuss Hunger Games couples
Ella: Oh my god, my shipping feels went insane when Glimmer slept on Cato's arm!
Kailey: Bitch please, you ship Glato?
Ella: Of course I do! They'd be perfect for each other.
Kailey: Fuck no! CLATO BITCH!!! That should've been Clove sleeping on his arm!

Ella: Don't start with me, I'm a glato shipper and you can't change me!
Kailey: Fine! At least Glimmer got what was coming to her.

Ella: It on bitch!
by TheOceanspray99 August 31, 2012
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The pairing between glimmer and cato
In the hunger games movie, glimmer sleeping on cato's arm made many people start to ship Glato
by Glatorules January 27, 2013
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