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While the typical gravity bong entails cutting off the bottom of a large plastic bottle or poking holes in it and then making a tinfoil or ratchet top bowl for the top, these can also be made of glass. Choose your glass bottle of choice and wrap cotton string evenly 4 or 5 times around the bottom of the bottle where the desired cut is to be made. Douse the string and the area of the bottle below the string with a flammable liquid such as cologne or hairspray or lighter-fluid. Light the string on fire and hold the bottle upside down such that the bottom (which is on fire) will be facing up. Once the flame burns out quickly revert the bottle and dunk it straight down into ice cold water. The rapid temperature change will cut the bottle where the string is. For the bowl drill a hole in the cap of the bottle and fix your glass bowl for a bong into the cap. Use like a traditional gate. These will mess you up more than the plastic ones without having to worry about breathing plastic.
Yo man want to go drop glass gravity bongs?

Dude that glass gravity bong was so clean!

Wow that glass gravity bond hit looks like straight milk.

I got straight fucked off that glass gravity bong hit.
by Walmark March 01, 2014
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