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A road-weary motorcycle gang of white collar criminals, composed of Marty Cardy, Johnny Flynn and Jake Priddy.

They can be recognized by their quill pen insignia, bright red 1980's era Thriller jackets with the words "Gladys Knights" bedazzled on the back, and handkerchiefs wrapped around their wrists. You may or may not hear a ringtone play Michael Jackson's "Beat It."

If aggitated, watch out, because the group will proceed to write very stern letters and shake their fingers in an extremely frustrated manner. They will threaten to "give you a good talking to" and refer to their enemies as "Mister" (ex: "Hey Mister! Don't you use that language again!").

They roam the country, their handlebar-tassles blowing in the wind, drinking skim milk in bars and incorrectly filing their taxes.
Oh no, pa, the Gladys Knights are coming to town. Hide your W2's!
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