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Someone who makes girls cum waterfalls. Also he smells like Glade® Air freshener.

They'll "Plug it in Plug it in" if you know what I mean.
Someone who makes girls sway.
That guy is such a Glade Morgan, he made all those girls hot and bothered!
by J.GillWood June 13, 2015
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Glade Morgan tends to be the most interesting guy in the room at all times, he’s got steeze, amazing creative talents, very nice genetics, and a heart of gold. That’s just scratching the surface of this gem, this particular specimen has an impeccable personality and deserves to be happy always and forever. Also quite gifted down yander. Can sometimes become slightly irritated if you’re careless with words due to their high intelligence. Overall Glade Morgan is a rad ass pimp daddy senpai.
The first time I saw Glade Morgan I had an anxiety attack because he caught me staring at him.
by Frankstie June 13, 2018
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