(1)No lie.
"When I catch nep I'm on his ass gkode"
by RickSoulja January 1, 2019
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Gkode and Gdub Is Different Hoods / Gangs Split Up In Miami . Gdub Hoods Such Ass Brownsub , Lincold Field , 70 aka Oblock , TNL Aka / 12ct Aka /Pork And Beans , CL aka CloverLeaf , Lil Haiti ( 56 ) Are All Clicked Up . Gkode Hoods Such As 13 ave aka pork and beans , over town , psu , graveyard projects , Are Clicked Up . Gdub And Gkode Are Gangs Who Don't Get Alone . Gdub members call each other dread or box . Gkode members call each other Nep
The Gdub Vs Gkode Fued Is Very Dangerous
by Miami Gangs ( Liberty City ) December 12, 2020
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