A person who is very Giving or generous and kind, fun to be with or around, always full of laughs, kinda cubby.
Oh man that nicoly is such a awsome dude and Giving Person
by Nicoly244 April 26, 2011
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National give your favorite person a hoodie day is September 25th. It's fall, they're going to need it more than you. Don't be shy.
Girl: "Today is National give your favorite person a hoodie day."
Guy: "Here take my hoodie."
by PedroWilko September 24, 2019
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In the whole month, ONLY if your single, U have to give the girl that likes you a chance. It's the opposit as simp September, you have to show the girl/boy that you're into the person ..but not play that person, if you do then you have to send that person the ugliest picture of you and that person is allowed to post it and say mean comments about you

1 boy: "yo my man, it's December!
2 boy: yeah I know, it's gonna be Christmas
1 boy: no, not ONLY that, IT'S DECEMBER, GIVE THE PERSON THAT YOU KNOW LIKES YOU A CHANCE... which means you have to give that girl that's into you a chance!
2 boy: oh... I mean she is kinda pretty and cute so why not
by dghjkhgfd November 7, 2020
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