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A scenario when, commonly misidentified, heterosexual couple invite a male partner to a three way. The third party, unmindful male, merrily attends for the fair damsels dillhole, but as intercourse start, the ding-a-ling jerking husband must be bi... nope! that is bung munching gay, a real corn-hole randy hound drooling over the invited male. The guest male is upset that he did not foresee this possibility, and didn't ask ahead of time. The woman is a fit bombshell that hasn't been pleased since the last give n' taker months ago, and she was just desperate enough to agree for one of her husbands, hot wife bait, gay sex acts. The couple wrangled the third party male in the middle of them for his first give n' take.
The third party male is mounted from behind by surprise gay husband as shock settles chills on the give n' taker while he freaks host wife.

As the cajoling cum to an end, most give n' takers, then finally understand the full incident as gave n' took, what what in the butt!
by AlsyPouty April 13, 2014
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