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A webcomic about two friends named Hazel and Jamie who are going through life together. Hazel has an English major which is useless in the real world and desperately wants to be laid. Jamie is a bigger girl with bigger boobs. Her sexuality is questioned now that she is dating Erin (a girl) but their relationship is based on love - not sex.
They have many friends including a hot barista, a porn store librarian who is also a dominatrix, a gay drag queen, a cactus that talks to you when you drink, and a chronic liar.

The webcomic is updated weekly and never fails to bring out squeals, tears, and laughs.
Maureen: Jamie, your breasts are legendary.
Jamie: You can say it twice. I consider them each a separate legend.

Hazel: How's it shakin', eggs 'n' bacon?
Jamie: Large an' loose, like your caboose!

Jameson: Sorry, I'm afraid you need less Asshole Points to access that information.

Girls with Slingshots
by QueenColonDarkwing June 25, 2011
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