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The opposite of boy. Has ayu, which means a 'lady-like' kind of beauty. Some are vixens and some are angels and some are PURE DEVIL BLOOD.

(1) Vixen <---- You can find definitions here, but look for username Booobs.

(2)Angels- You find these very rarely, and are usually already taken. You poor, poor soul. Don't you fret. You will find your Sarah or Jennifer soon. They are what you want, they have flaws, but are perfect, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Most likely they are straight, but you go gays!

(3)Devil Blood- They will lure you in with good looks, get everyone's phone number, introduce you to an even better looking person, get you to cheat(somehow), lure you into sex, find out you were cheating, and threaten you to the point where you are stuck in an abusive relationship and can't even call to tell your family to get you out of there, because they will send that incriminating evidence to your family and friends who will probably separate you from all of them.
John- Hey, I met Sierra at the club yesterday. She's a vixen.
Jake- I've met her too, you fall in love with that girl, no going back. Don't piss her off though.


Jake (aforementioned)- Woah, Sarah is soooo pretty. I think she's dating Denise. One day.
-Anna bumps into Jake-
Anna- Oh, they just broke up. You can try and go for her, but I think she only likes girls.
Jake- Okay.

Jordan- What the fuck?! Get your pussy away from me!
Chloe- Uh, you turned on this relationship, so you deal with the consequences.
-5 months later-
Chloe- HOW DARE YOU FUCKING CHEAT ON ME! I'm gonna text your friends if you keep slamming hole with her.
Jordan- I never liked you anyways. Kelly is a way better gf than you are!

(Please, no-one that has these names should be offended. You are probably a great person, who does not treat girl (noun) like a toy.)
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