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1. An abstract dimension of time in which Gio obeys all laws of physics under. The conversion from "Gio time" to real time is defined by a "Gio factor," which is a constant multiple that is modeled by a exponential function that concaves downward.
When Gio says that he'll meet you somewhere in five minutes "Gio time", he actually means that he'll meet you there any time between fifteen and twenty five minutes in real time.

One year in "Gio time" is a very long time.
by MysticLotus April 25, 2007
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Whenever the clock reads 9:10 (am or pm). Ocassionally, 6:10 is permitted as well. Text your favorite Gio everyday at this time.
Oh look, it's Gio Time! I love that girl, better text her and let her know! :)
by bastantebien December 30, 2009
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