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1. Celebrity couple name for upcoming stars Gina Bill and Alex Cheatem. Takes first name Gina and mixes it with Alex's first name to create the orgasmic combination "Ginnex". If the name doesn't have your mouth watering, then seeing the couple in real life certainly will. Gina is a "talented" dancer best known for her rendition of "the jerk". Alex Cheatem is an all around swag master and inspiration for many. He might be lacking in many things but a hot blonde babe is surely not one of them. The babies shall surely be God's in human form. Maybe one day you'll be in a relationship as happy as "Ginnex" but until then enjoy your boring life of boredom.
1. "I'm really depressed you guys!"
"I am not a part of the hot steamy relationship known as Ginnex!"
"That sucks man! Maybe we should hit the club up and forget about it!"
"No man! I'd just be thinking about Ginnex all day"
by anatomyinfamy101 January 10, 2012
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