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The martial art created and mastered by ginja's. Many techniques include quick fiery attacks, and stealing women from other guys without any effort. Some teachings include the ability to resurrect a relationship between another couple, once the ginja has slept with the women in question.
I finally got back with my gf after she fucked that red head.......

Yep that's the sacred art of Ginjitsu, his dick must be cupid's arrow....
by Porknimun February 21, 2011
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The art of bashing the 'gin' by best means possible. Bashing the gin has many meanings, but we say, in all things gin!!!
"Hey man, i've been to Gin Jitsu classes for 3 months, i've developed a healthy beer gut and i'm now skillful in "the 4 by 2 with nails" the "star dropper yielding 1 & 2" and i've learnt how to disarm three gins with broken flagons.
"No shit trev, where do i sign up?"
by Mark Cavanough October 10, 2007
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