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N. A meeting or gathering in which two or more gingers attend, for the sake of a party or outragious good time.
Stephanie: Yeah, i'm going South Carolina and its going to be a huge gingerfest down there.
by Rednation April 16, 2009
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The first weekend of October is Gingerfest. Created in 2010, it became a festival in honor of all those great gingers out there. It's celebrated on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the first October weekend. The first day is marked by a giant rally, and some after parties. On Saturday, they host parades in honor of Gingers, and a night of partying. Sunday is marked by a huge feast, Thanksginger, in honor of all the brave gingers. Everyone is welcome to celebrate, and it is filled with fun for families and friends.
First Kid:Hey, wanna go hang out at the movies?

Second Kid: No way, it's Gingerfest tonight.

Gingers are persecuted everyday of the year except the three days of Gingerfest.
by AVeryReliableSource October 03, 2010
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