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1. A human, characterized by pale skin, freckles and bright red hair who fails.
2. A person attempting to be a ginger who is disaproved of for being fake.
1. Jacob tried to be cool but fucked it up. First even a ginger shouldn't mess up that bad. He's a gingerfail.

Jacob should lay off the gingerfail.

2. Donny dyed his hair red and stayed inside. Without his tan, and with that rediculous head, he looks retarded. Way to gingerfail.

Whats with the new look? You're gingerfailing, man.
by Pop2012 November 28, 2009
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A fail done by one called a "ginger"
typically done by walking out into the sun, talking in public, being... a ginger etc.
*Ginger walks out into sun*
Person: ...Ginger Fail
by maxica January 24, 2009
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the maximum achievable level of shame. an occurrence in which a creature is able to prove his unworthiness to be alive. a ginger fail, or "GF", is impossible to recover from. GFs are an unexplored phenomenon from a biological standpoint. Experimental treatments of depression include exposure to footage of repeated GFs, until the patient finds new hope in life.
When he thought he had a chance at getting her number, he Ginger failed becuase he forgot he was a Ginger
by cathunter September 06, 2010
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