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The act of a Ginger giving oral to another Ginger. Only Gingers can do this to each other since it is deemed inhuman for a normal person to engage in any sort of sexual activity with one. The fact that Gingers have no souls further enhances the sexual stimulation as when the male skeets into the females dome it is lost in a dark abyss. It is highly suggested that this form of sex is used since the Ginger gene is recessive and inferior to any other. Creating Ginger children is most definitely not advised.
Ginger #1: "Hey whats up fellow red haired freak?"
Ginger #2: "Not much man, what'd you do last night? I tryed hitting you up."
Ginger #1: "Ahhh my bad dude I was in the middle of getting some mad Ginger Dome."
by The Ex-Ginger July 03, 2010
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