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A loss of self control followed by extreme destruction and violence that only a ginger can possess. Often times brought on with no provoking, and without any kind of warning signs.
"Oh shit here comes a ginger don't look it in the eyes."

"Why not?"

"Them gingers are crazy and unpredictable let alone that there is nothing worse then ginger rage.
by nLOVEwithaGINGER June 30, 2013
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ginger rage is, when people with ginger hair were picked on as a children thru school they probably bottled up all that anger & rage, and thru the years of torment and bullying this rage will build up, then when they reach adult-hood and someone picks on a ginger person again this is where ginger rage comes out and goes chuck norris on ur ass.

thats why u shud never pick on a guy with ginger rage
oi mate, don't say that, he'll unleash ginger rage
by TheNine January 13, 2005
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a ginger with an insane rage problem that may infact end the world some day and can be set off like gun powder if you pull the smallest joke on the ginger and is only curible by eating a great tasting cliff bar
ginger rage
by ginger hater to the 5th July 29, 2010
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