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Gingelaxa Y. Chromesomis is a debilitating genetic disease that affects 1 in 1 females over the age of birth. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: The lack of the ability to recognize sarcasm, the inability to shut the hell up, on about something no one cares about, asking incessant questions about simple things that should be obvious, the inability to fix anything without asking for a males help, the inability to use tools, the inability to drive a stick properly, the unreasonable desire to shop for shoes that they don't need, carrying a purse, dressing slutty, and not getting what Gingelaxa Y. Chromesomis is. There is is no known treatment of cure except for death. The only sufferers are always the male that has to interact with the affected person. While there have been a few cases of a person with this disease overcoming it, it is EXTREMELY rare. Even when this condition has been tried to be corrected with surgery, the condition persists.
1-That girl is really stupid.
2-You know she has Gingelaxa Y. Chromesomis?
by Fatty Mcgee2639 December 13, 2010
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