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Similar to "catatonic". This state of being is induced by drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and becoming non-responsive to any external stimulus. Usually occurs during special events such as dollar draft, half price pitchers, or a general goal of complete intoxication for a single night.

Named after the popular drink "gin n' tonic"

May last between 30 minutes and 18 hours.
If this state lasts for longer than 18 hours, call your friend a doctor...or maybe an ambulance.
Guy 1: "Hey man, check if Colin's OK, he's been laying there for a long time"

Guy 2: *feels pulse, slaps in face, teabags...shoves carrot up rectum*
"Nah man, he never lets me stick a carrot in his ass, he's totally ginatonic. Done for the night"
by ChesterTheMolester123 March 31, 2010
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