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Normally of the feral male species, but has been spotted amidst the general female population. Although the feral male race is the dominant one. Also known as Ginacus Philius, the Ginaphile will hunt down and track young attractive Ginas in their mid 20's and begin courting them almost immediatly.
Their methods include an unignorable sense of humour, which leaves the potential mate wanting them and with this they draw their victim in closer till trust is gained and then the bonding is complete. The specific Gina has no option but to mate with the ginaphile and spend its remaing days in its care.

The Ginaphile also has an uncanny ability to do this at remarkable speed and in an almost flawless way. But once mated the Ginaphile remains true to his catch.

Ginacus Philius
Last recorded sighting on the east coast of Ireland.
Legend has it that the courtship is said to be one of magic and anyone who has witnessed it has been brought to tears in awe of it.
Ginas Arena Stephen Loverboy

The Ginaphile has been compared to vampires in its powers of suduction. Tought to be almost godlike, a perfect hunter that never strays off coarse until its captured its Gina
by thecomedian777 July 12, 2011
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