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Only the most beautiful, sexy, cute, incredible wood-giving gorgeous woman to ever know how to professionally kick ass and has been referred to as the "face of women's MMA". She would pin any WWE diva (i would love to see that). Her MMA record was 7-0 until she fought a huge man known as cris cyborg with a nasty dick. Idk how they considered it a womens match, cyborg was probably a shemale tranny. Carano was in the show American Gladiators and was ironically nicknamed Crush since i would crush the shit out her fine ass cheeks. She could definitely be a top model considering Maxim has ranked her #16 in the hot 100 women of 2009. I'm planning on proposing sometime this year.
Irresistible male model - "Yo son who's that chick whoopin ass on tv?"

Young Stallion - "Idk nigga but if Mileena from Mortal Kombat was real, that would be her!"

Hot Stoner - "Hell yeah that broad ain't a dime she a quarter." -Takes puff off bleezy-

Handsome Dude - "Her name's Gina Carano don't forget it niggas!"
by the703king August 16, 2009
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