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A huge wave in the Outer Banks ocean that usually kills the PENIS and ASS CRACK.

Latin Meaning - Holy Crap thats a huge wave DUUUUUUUDE!
Nick - Damn that ass is gimoungass!

Max - Hell to the friggin yeah!

Sydney - Why do I hang out with you?

Julia - Cuz we're damn desperate!

Logan - Whats going on?

Jack - Me and Drew were just spooning on the couch with my warm computer on our faces.

Drew - It felt so good! I didn't want it to end!

Dennis - EWWWWWW!

Scott - You guys are fucking messed up in the head!

Paulie - What? I do it!

Marcia - No one's supposed to know Paulie!

Lori - I don't know the words to this song!

Dennis - No one gives a shit Lori!!!!


Scott - I'm going to slit Dennis's throat!
by UnknownUD123 August 20, 2013
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