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A formulaic, boiler-plate television show where the same basic plot or premise occurs each episode but in a different way, (i.e. The crew of the Minnow come up with a plan to get off the uncharted, desert isle, but Gilligan screws it all up.). Notorious examples are how-to shows where some contractor or contracting group comes to a house, shows a plan, does the work, and then, “Oh… my… God,” shows the owner the result. Other examples are Eureka, American Chopper, Curb Appeal, and Save My Bath.
You know, that reminds me of that one American Chopper?

Which one?

The one where they decide to create a really cool, one-off motorcycle, but they make sure not to give themselves enough time before they plan on showing it, so the dad and son keep getting into arguments, Vince does all the work, but somehow they manage to get the chopper finished in time for the show. And Mikey is just weird.

Oh, well that narrows it down a lot. That is a real Gilligan's Island show.
by Alfetta159 September 13, 2010
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