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A person (only just) who bears a resmemblance to a pig, who also says stupid things, which embarrass him and those around him. They are also the type of person, who thinks that without his ugliness/spots, all members of the opposite sex would be swarming around them.The term can also be used to describe people who have had a very embarrassing and socially threatening sexual mishap/cock-up
"That indian resturant is pricey...but cheap"
"What do you call people that have no parents"
"The sky looks low tonight"
"I dont know how to tuck in my shirt"
"If i didnt have spots, all the women would want me"
(after missing a blatent scoring oppurtunity)"I forgot to shoot!"
"I tried to screw her, with a flop on"

All these quotes are from the original and only Giles Laurence Cooke. Any quotes like this used in the same sort of context, constitutes the quotee to be a "Giles Cooke"
by Nic Cooper Inc. September 12, 2008
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