Among the various other classifications which most personalities fall within during their state of inebriation, This is the rarest type of drunk, And should be cherished as such.

The Giggly Drunk aka Happy drunk is going to make social drinking a memorable and positive experience for everybody whom their drunken puns, and stupefied giggles meet.

You’ll know when you come across a Giggly Drunk Befriend them, And hold onto them forever.

The Giggly Drunk is most often the quiet and reserved individual’s alter drunken personality.

During the initial stages of inebriation this personality type will show it’s true nature; However, As thier intoxication increases they may yet again become quiet and reserved.

Individuals with the Giggly Drunk personality type are often highly intelligent, and articulate in thier non intoxicated state.
Stacy is such a Giggly Drunk, I love taking her drinking.
by ReactorCoreMemedown July 31, 2018