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Gigantees is derived from the 1963 anime "Gigantor", referring to someone who is unusually tall. This term is mostly used for women who exceed 5'5" in height, especially if they are ugly or have large breasts. It may also be used for a very tall man, or a person with a large build. It is speculated that the term also comes from the Resident Evil 4 monster "el gigante" meaning "Giant" in Spanish. It is undecided whether this term is offensive or not.
Man 1: 'Ey, dawg! Did you hear about that nigga, Don Imus?
Man 2: Who the fuck is that?
Man 1: I dunno. Some radio nigga.
Man 2: So what about him.
Man 1: He called this WNBA team a bunch of nappy headed hoes.
Man 2: So what? I call everybody a hoe. Besides, they were probably a bunch of gigantees bitches anyway.
by Ookamibito February 16, 2008
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