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Gig harbor high is the worst school in history. Being full degenerate leftist hippies who smoke weed 24/7, wiggers and the mob of mexican speaking beaners. It is so easy to get weed that its hard not to find anyone who hasn't smoked once. This problem could be solved easily if the security guard actually tried for once instead of sitting around all day trying to act like hes tough shit. Skipping is frequent but atleast there makeing an effort to stop skipping. When it comes to politics, you better check your white cis male privilege shit lord because this school is leftist 110% and you better not speak your mind if your a right wing because thats hate speech you filthy non fag lover. Also the wiggers are everywhere, its cringey how much they think there "thug" because they smoke drugs and steal from there parents because "im such a rebal". Jesus fuck the beaner population is massive and they speak spanish almost the whole day, they mostly are chill but can be the beanist beaners imagined. The only thing great about this school is at the end of the day where you aren't around these people
Random stranger: what school do you goto?

Student: Gig Harbor high
Random stranger: end your miserable existence kid
Beaner:*speaks mexicanese*
Random stranger:what?
Student: learn this language you racist white male that's offensive!!
Random stranger: *questions why the town of Gig harbor exists*
by the juden killer June 04, 2016
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