"Gibs-Me-Dat" (n.) Annuities, in the form of goods, services, or material (usually welfare checks) given predominately to minorities, in exchange for their tacit agreement to reciprocate by not burning down America's cities.
"Yo Tyrone, who you be votin foe in 2012?"

"I gots to go wit Obama baby. The democrats be givin out moe betta gibsmedat."
by Phil Uber January 10, 2012
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A scumbag who lives as a vile parasite trying to gain maximum personal short-term benefit at the expense of a forward-looking plan for himself and for the community.
A literal human leech.
Guy 1: Gotta go vote for Democrats cause they gonna gibsmedat higher unemployment benefits they were talking about all along"
Guy 2: "Wouldn't be better if you go find a job, Tyrone? Increasing those benefits will eventually be a problem for the state budget"
Guy1: "Yeah well homie i don't give a shit ya know just gibsmedat"
by vaevictis February 25, 2018
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