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Gibbertown is located in Southeastern Asia, a region geographically south of The People's Republic of China. Sharing a similar climate to countries close in proximity to Gibbertown, it has been dubbed the 10th territory of the region. Although it is similar in climate to adjacent countries like Cambodia and Burma, in the 18th century it was completely isolated, and developed a culture of its own. In addition to Gibberish, the native language of Gibbertown, Mandarin Chinese and English have developed in various pockets of people. With such a diverse college, Gibberians have been able to assimilate well into countries outside of Asia such as the US, specifically finding solace in territories like Pennsylvania and New Jersey. With the new influx of Gibberian immigrants, the US government has taken initiative into blocking access to Gibbertown from the North American domain. In the 1996 Gibberian Exclusion Act, the US government has completely blocked accessed to the country through airspace and even internet.
"Hey man, have you been to gibbertown lately?"
"Naw dude, where is heck is that"
"Wow then you're probably Alaskan....Tsk tsk"

by Frankie52345 July 14, 2010
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