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This is the brand that the giant brand stores tend to offer. People tend to associate these products with words such as shitty and cheap. But let me just elaborate and say that this is not the case. Imagine this scenario let's say you had the option to pay for a box of cereal. One option is 4 dollars the other is 2 dollars, they are both literally the same thing. If you would go for the 4 dollar option...I have nothing to say to you, but if you are like me and would go for the 2 dollar option then you would definitely enjoy buying giant brand items. In summary they are quality goods for a better price.
person 1: Hey man lets get some (insert mainstream company) cereal!
person 2: Hell nah brah lets get dat Giant brand cereal!
Person 1: But (insert mainstream company) has puzzles on their box!
person 2: it's the same cereal! You just pay 2 extra dollars for a box design they haven't changed in years.
person 1: alright I guess you are right.. giant brand is better.
by president of giant November 10, 2013
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