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A very beautiful girl. That has been attracted by many guys. Gianna Alvarez will probably be one of the best things that ever happened to you. Once you have her don't let her go. She may seem hard to talk to at first but she'll come around. She is a beautiful girl with lots of personality you will absolutely fall in love with. There'd be no other place you'd rather be than without her. She is the most perfect girl you'll ever see in you're entire life. You'll love talking to her as you two would talk for hours. Once you two see each other it'll be like a dream. Maybe things aren't meant to be but Gianna Alvarez will make your life the best. There is no other girl like her. So treat her right and if you don't, just wait and see what happens.
"Have you seen Gianna Alvarez?!?!"
"Yeah bro she's so pretty"
by Dino0205 August 07, 2015
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