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Work Place Related (When reading consider your field of business and the different departments that handle each call/field) The job of the receptionist is to gather information from client (answer their questions/make appt/or get said client to the right department rep)

When performing duties at place of employment, the receptionist at said employer receives then immediately proceeds to transfer a phone call to you with no regard to topic matter or point of contact of client. (Done as Ghost, no point of origin) This said call is done blindly meaning the call does not have an origin of who has transfered this call to you. No information is given to person about to receive this phone call prior to receiving call. Many times the caller hasnt even finished explaining what they need help with. Receptionist is in such a rush to get off the phone that they don;t take the time to consider caller/clients needs. Once this initial GHOST TRANSFER has been initiated the original caller is lost in transfer cyber space.

All in all this is poor customer service. If the receptionist had listened to caller originally; their concerns would have been addressed. For the person that received the GHOST TRANSFER they would have received about 5-20 minutes of wasted time. POINT IS- do your job and listen to what the client is needing. The front line phone employees are business first impressions................they may be the last
Receptionist: Greets client and asks them how they may help?
Client: I was calling to schedule a service appointment for my vehicle? (gear towards your field law, doctor, dentist, etc)
Receptionist: Ok, hold (Please realize it is their responsibility to record all information regarding an appointment or intake into your place of business)

Receptionist then proceeds to transfer this call without gathering anymore information to a completely different department. (someone who doesnt handle this type of call)

This in fact was a ghost transfer .............blind siding the unsuspecting person

Clients initial response after they have been GHOST TRANSFERED

"They just transferred me without telling me they were doing so"
"I'm looking for so JANE DOE" (NOT YOU OBVIOUSLY)
"I was holding for (a different department name)"
"I just needed to make an appt" (one of two duties they have. Taking calls and making appts)
" I just needed to know what your hours were(come on if a receptionist cant answer this then let them go)"
"What brand do you service?" (Now this product is referring to the name on your building, if the receptionist doesnt know this then.......I dunno)
"I was wondering if you guys had a car wash"
"I was wondering what type of payment you accept" If you dont know this then we shouldnt be issuing you a check come pay day

Just a few examples of the GHOST TRANSFER after effects
by TommyGunz March 08, 2012
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