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An Individual possessing the brain power equal to that of a genius, born and raised in poverty.
Des the Ghetto-genius: though he possesses the brain power of a genuis, with an IQ of 147, is stuck to have intellegent conversations with only himself due to his surroundings and the creatures that dwell there. Feelings of knowing with no closure, a wasted mind. Although above gifted and intellegent, he will most likely never be flooded with degrees or certificates of praise. This does not mean there is no hope for the ghetto-genius, success will come, IT WILL JUST BE HARDER. For there is no platform to work from, the platform must first be built from the ground up.
by Dhesr November 08, 2005
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The person who thinks up funny ways to use technology for crazy uses
That Ghettogenius just used Skype to watch a football game in another state.
by Bristonewall November 22, 2011
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