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Ghetto Tourette syndrome (from the italian Ghetto, and the French Tourette more commonly referred to as Ghetto tourettes or GT) is a disease that affects many teenagers (usually male) who believe they were raised in the ghetto. The individual may at random shout phrases (including "Squad" "boy" or "flamed" amongst a few,) and may also include other obscene words or phrases. On occasion, arm or hand gestures may be performed (including the "arms extended backwards, slow walk forwards" or the more common "neck tilted backwards and to the left" and "Arms crossed over crotch" combination,) however, these are usually performed only by persons with more severe cases of GT. Ghetto Tourettes is a neurological condition that can be caused by spending too much time in any low income area, allowing the brain to believe that it has grown up with "the struggle."
Other Person: "that poor person has Ghetto Tourettes"
by crispeh jarvis maxwell jilliam October 08, 2014
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The act of spontaneously adding unnecessary words, phrases, or sounds to a conversation. While usually added to the of the statement it is possible to randomly have a Ghetto Tourettes added anywhere.
Ghetto Tourettes post-statement:
That was a bad party, youknowwhatImsayin?

Random usage:

He was really mad, feel me, about all that fuckery, feel me, knowhatImsaying.

Ghetto Tourettes can also be used to describe an entire conversation:
This guy came into the shop talking all Ghetto Tourettes.
by UrbanPaign April 16, 2011
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