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While driving, it is the act of swerving over even the smallest of dips in the road to avoid damaging your car.

The term is believed to have originated from the Inland Empire tuner scene in Southern California where teens would have their cars too low to handle the dips in the roads. Driving straight through the dips at normal driving speed or higher speeds would cause the car to scrape and/or bottom out damaging body pieces or suspension parts.

To avoid this, rather than slowing to a crawl, drivers would turn the wheel sharp just before entering the dip, then sharply turn the wheel the opposite direction while driving up from the dip. Straightening out once they have passed over the dip.
Passenger: "Gonna destroy your new body kit if you don't slow down for that dip up there."

Driver: "Nah, I'll just ghetto swerve over it."
by The Hos June 25, 2012
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