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A woman with half-sleeve tats from wrist to elbow. Chubby fingers with a side-ways middle finger salute. Long, plain nails that are slightly dirty. A lower lip ring and heart pendant around her neck. Overuse of white powder on her face and lots of plucking trying to hide a large uni-brow. Fake red hair with obvious Mexican roots at least 4 inches long. Pouty lip and squinty eyes make her feel superior and forgetful of her ghetto status. She must have that better-than-you demeanor to achieve Ghetto Gal (GG) status.

Other words that are similar but not the same are Ghetto Fab, Ghetto Gurl, Ghetto Spectacular, or Ghetto Babe. These are not perfect for the GG.
Yo!, look at her over there. She's got full sleeves and her middle finger out.

Well, she's also mouthing off to that waiter, and waving a coupon in the air, what a Ghetto Gal.
by VÏÇÏØܧ December 13, 2010
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