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The correct phrase to describe the onslaught of the hiphop lifestyle to the youth, especially in the U.S. where the dumbing down is now completely on autopilot and has become a form of entertainment to educated people in and of itself.

Ghetto Yokle-ism is marked by parents who are infantilized,children who are narcissistic, and a community that prefers TV and video game consoles to clean water and healthy organic food. The worst thing you can do is argue with a ghetto yokle, The brain power of the ghetto yokle species has been biologically allocated for the sole purpose of committing genocide on all things "common sense" . This starts in childhood where mini prisons called schools are coupled with neglectful parents to create the perfect ghetto yokle breeding environment. When ghetto yokles become older they either go to jail , or live among the public. Ghetto yokles connect with other ghetto yokles through social associations signaled by sports teams,gangs,city blocks, towns,rap music,drug use,gay sex and tattoos.
All these people talk about is the same fucking ghetto bullshit, they are ghetto yokles!
by cholo vato tomatoe potato January 07, 2011
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