Adj. A projective, loud, seemly rude and offensive tone suggesting fear, that people use when they want something done, something, or are in an argument with someone.Ghetto voice is also used when calling across the street to someone.However, the ghetto voice is usually only used in certain locations, and curcumstacnes. People who use it all the time are often considered ghetto.
Anesha wait at counter ready to order.
"I ordered my fries an our ago where are they?." asks Anesha.
The store clerk ignores her and act like he can't hear her, buising about.
"I guess I'll have to use my ghetto voice." she says to herself.
"E'SCUSE ME! Where my fries at?!" she hollers at them.
"Oh sorry mam." the clerk says and hands her some fries.
by Skulldrix October 30, 2009
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