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Complete garbage. Utter uselessness. Someone who opens his/her mouth and contributes absolutely nothing of importance to the conversation. Instead of solving the problem, the person creates more drama while eating paan parag and finding excuses to go to Shalimar.
Sobia: Buchey, let's all go to Shali!
Barira: But Sobia, I have a paper due in --
Sobia: Chup bait! Nothing gets in the way of my Chicken Tikka Masala.
Sabina: As Queen Sabima the Teenage Witch and MSA Prez, I order you all to think of a topic for Deen Intensive!
Sana: Listen to Sabima, or you will all PAY (your dues)!
Sobia: Ghatiya insan, insan bano!
by Sana-Heller January 04, 2010
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